Back Pain Treatment in Amarillo TX

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

Whether you lead a sedentary lifestyle or are incredibly active, back pain may be part of your life in Amarillo TX. Your back and spine are almost always at work, stabilizing you in motion and often at rest. This makes your back vulnerable to dysfunction.

Back pain is one of the leading causes of missed work and social engagements in the USA, and that’s why making sure to get your pain checked is vital to your lifestyle. From sitting for too long to trauma to overuse, chiropractic may be able to manage your back pain safely and quickly.

Because chiropractors are experts in the complexities of the spine and the back’s other structures and soft tissues, we can efficiently create healing programs that nurture health and strengthening.

Our medical center in Amarillo TX has a group of knowledgeable and capable doctors and therapists who are dedicated to curing and managing your back pain.

Why Do I Have Back Pain in Amarillo TX?

The spine and soft tissues of the back bear a lot of responsibility, and with that comes injuries. Most of us rely on the proper function of our back for many of our everyday movements and comforts.

When we’re sitting, standing, moving, even sleeping, the back plays an integral role in our health. Pain can arise for various reasons and can be chronic or acute.

Some common reasons we experience back pain include:

  • Herniated discs
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sprains and strains
  • Pinched nerves
  • Pulled muscles
  • Compression of spine
  • And more

The reasons for back pain vary in severity, and the pain caused can range from slight to significant. Get help at the first signs with chiropractic treatments that alleviate your pain at the source.

Why Patients Visit Us for Back Pain

Our medical clinic is proud to offer support to all kinds of patients with several back pain challenges that are preventing them from living their life fully and actively.

Some symptoms we have helped end include:

  • Back stiffness
  • Soreness and tenderness in the low back
  • Muscle aches in the back and shoulders
  • Loss of range of motion
  • Stabbing, dull, throbbing, or intense back pain
  • Radiating pain from the back into the hips
  • Lower back pain

Some of the most common reasons to get back pain include:

  • Sitting all day or leading a passive lifestyle
  • Poor lifting practices
  • Improperly moving and lifting heavy items
  • Sudden or awkward violent movement
  • Traumatic accidents, such as a car accident or slip and fall
  • Sports injury
  • Work injury

In some cases, back pain occurs due to improper habitual movement patterns that lead to discomfort over time. It’s important to know how you can support your back and spine to help keep them protected. Chiropractic services are designed to help you restore proper function and give you the tools to maintain those results.

Let our team show you how to take the correct care and precautions when exerting your back, whether through physical activity, work, or your everyday routine.

Back Pain Services Offered in Our Amarillo TX Medical Center

We understand that your body’s health is important to you. Our methods are comprehensive and cater to your needs and goals. We offer non-invasive, safe, effective solutions that end your back pain at the source as you strengthen your soft tissues and joints.

Chiropractic methods can get you back to action quickly with little, if any, downtime.

Some of our medical and chiropractic solutions for back pain include:

Our telehealth service is here to provide second opinions to those throughout Texas. If you’d like to learn more, please contact Dr. Williams, who is an orthopedic expert specializing in chronic pain.

You’re supposed to live in comfort.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Your Back Pain

If your back discomfort is affecting your lifestyle, it can be overwhelming and hard to see an out. Our medical center has many solutions that work together to get you the optimal care. We don’t want you living in pain, but our treatment plans offer much more than physical comfort.

Some benefits of chiropractic include:

  • Improved comfort
  • Reduced inflammation or swelling
  • Improved functionality of the soft tissues and joints
  • Improved strength
  • Improved overall health
  • Improved focus and performance
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved energy
  • Reduced stress
  • And many others

Your back pain is taking away your valuable time and energy, but it doesn’t have to be. Get better, starting now. Contact our team, who will work hard to get your back and spine healthy safely, effectively, and for good.

If Back Pain Goes Untreated

Getting your back pain under control is your top priority, and we know you want that to happen as seamlessly as possible. Our clinic provides patient-centric care that gets results. Your plan may include a combination of chiropractic, massage, strengthening, and medical methods that are proven and evidence-based.

Don’t put off seeking help any longer. Untreated back pain can become more challenging and even lead to long-lasting pain, causing:

  • Chronic back pain, stiffness, or weakness
  • Inability to perform daily activities in comfort
  • Inability to perform physical activity
  • Nerve damage
  • Psychological complications, such as sleep problems, depression, and stress

When untreated, acute pain can turn chronic, discomfort can intensify, and injuries can worsen and spread. With such excellent back pain care in Amarillo TX, there’s no reason to wait to get the help you deserve.

Your healing plan will be based on the back injury sustained and the discomfort you feel. We never generalize your care but discover what you need and work around those needs.

Disc Bulges and Herniation

A disc bulge or herniation stems from the outer edges of the discs that are located in between the vertebrae. These outer edges become damaged which leads to a gelatin-like mass squeezing out and creating a bulge. This often painful issue is more common than most people think. Despite this, it can often go undetected as some patients feel no pain. The pain is determined by the size and location of the herniation within the back. The damaged disc can potentially irritate nerves around it which can cause a stabbing or shooting pain sensation and even issues within the legs.

It is essential this condition is found as soon as possible as the risk of further damage is possible with this issue. Creek Stone Integrated Medical & Spa will completely and carefully examine your back in order to understand the intensity of your condition along with creating a customized treatment plan to stop the potentially worsening effects of a herniation and relieve the pain associated with it.


Subluxation is defined as the misalignment within the vertebral column. Stress, injury, and toxins can all be responsible for the misalignment. Generally speaking, subluxations are very painful and have the potential to affect the lifestyle and daily movements of an individual. Despite subluxations being one of the most overlooked back pain issues, a chiropractor is taught to use specific and effective methods and adjustment techniques in order to locate and precisely correct a misalignment.

Muscular Sprains and Tendon or Ligament Strains

A strain or sprain usually originates during a task or activity that our body is not used to doing. Accidents are also capable of causing this condition. The back is particularly susceptible to these strains or sprains as stretching farther than normal or attempting to lift while twisting can both cause this issue. If this does occur, high levels of pain and swelling, and bruising is expected. But the good news is that these strains and sprains usually resolve themselves with a simple realignment of the spine and in most cases, a chiropractic visit is an appropriate treatment for this condition.

Stress and Back Pain

Recurring stress can have very harmful effects on the human body and is capable of producing back pain and leading to hypertension as well. As stress hormones are released throughout the body, back pain can arise as the hormones produce tension and muscle spasms. The tension generally accumulates in areas known as trigger points. Professional assistance is needed to work with these trigger points as they can produce excruciating pain. Chiropractors have been trained to work with you to eliminate the stress from these trigger points. A personalized approach will be created in order to eliminate the recurrence of this pain and stress.

Other Issues that Cause Back Pain in Amarillo TX

There are a variety of issues that can be responsible for back pain. Lower back pain can originate from obesity, arthritis, kidney stones, or a urinary tract infection. These conditions are harmful if left untreated for a long period of time and must be treated as soon as possible in order to prevent long-term health issues. Chiropractors in Amarillo TX have been taught to identify these issues and provide the most effective treatment plan. A simple chiropractic adjustment has the potential to help greatly with many of these common issues.

Please contact us at Creek Stone Integrated Medical & Spa with questions regarding your condition and what we can do to help.


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