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Creek Stone Integrated Care is not simply the chiropractor in Amarillo TX you may have experienced in the past. It is much more than that from the top to the bottom. From the halls of the building to the people who fill the halls daily.

Amarillo TX Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Jeff Williams and his wife Meg have taken great care to furnish Creek Stone with style, taste, art, functionality, and sheer quality. The care one receives while here is on the level to match. The original vision that permeates through the entire clinic is one of being on a level above everyone else. Dr. Williams wanted a clinic in which the stage was set for healing and it would all be available in just one place. Not only is Dr. Williams your go-to Amarillo TX chiropractor but we also have a licensed acupuncturist and 5 licensed massage therapists in our facility. The stage is truly set for healing here at Creek Stone.

From the education and the training of the staff and doctor to the original art on the walls, Creek Stone is an experience to be had. Not only is our clinic outfitted with many original art pieces, but Dr. Williams is also a live edge furniture builder and bronze sculpture artist so Creek Stone is uniquely outfitted with current, top-of-the-line, style!

Stop by and ask for a tour. Even if you're not a patient! We LOVE to show off this amazing place we all get to work in!


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Creek Stone Integrated Medical & Spa

3501 SW 45th Ave Ste. T
Amarillo, TX 79109

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