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We offer medical services in Amarillo TX for several reasons.

Multi-Modal Management in Amarillo TX

The first reason we offer medical services is that the American College of Physicians suggests that the best approach to getting rid of the pain of any kind is through the use of a multi-modal approach. This means several modalities all combined to one great effect; the elimination of our patients' pain!

Our multi-modal management includes:

We are also offering medical services here at Creek Stone because we have noticed over our years of treating car wreck victims that most medical clinics in Amarillo TX are not happy (or downright refuse) about treating personal injury patients. We now offer an alternative to car crash patients for medical treatment.

The ACP and current research tell us that it's not just one thing that does the trick. Rather, it's a combination with the patient also playing an active role in their recovery. When we are all good teammates and moving in the same direction with the one goal, pain relief, we have an exceptionally high recovery rate. Not to mention our patients' satisfaction rate.

What Medical Services Will Be Offered?

Just to mention a few. Services will grow as the needs and opportunities grow.

What Kind Of Patients Qualify For Medical Services At Creek Stone?

  • General patients in need of a primary practitioner
  • Diabetics and high blood pressure sufferers who need their medications monitored
  • Those interested in joint regeneration such as PRP, cortisone, or amniotic injections
  • Those suffering from neuropathy
  • Personal injury patients
  • Workers Compensation patients
  • And the list goes on

With the integration of medical services, we can treat our patients comprehensively from start to finish and, for musculoskeletal conditions, we are going to be a true ONE-STOP HEALTHCARE OPTION FOR EVERYTHING SHORT OF SURGERY.


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