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Chiropractic Amarillo TX Hip Pain

Dr. Jeff Williams, owner of an integrated chiropractic clinic in Amarillo TX, reveals the truth about hip pain and what can be done. Our broad management treatment may give you the relief you've been looking for!

Is Hip Pain Keeping You from Being You in Amarillo TX?

Hips are one of the joints in our bodies that has the most range of motion. This incredible range of motion allows for some pretty impressive movement. Walking and running are biomechanical marvels when you break them down and really study them. They are a science all by themselves and our hips are a huge part of it all.

They are extremely strong but definitely not without their own issues. Some of the more common hip issues are due to:

  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Tendinitis
  • Sprain/Strain
  • Cartilage tears

And then the less common things like cancer or avascular necrosis.

Signs and Symptoms of Hip Issues

Some signs and symptoms of hip issues would be, of course, pain when standing on it. But more specifically, groin pain and pain up around the crest of the pelvis. If a patient tells us that's where it hurts, the problem is hip pain until the hip can be ruled out. Plain and simple. Patients also complain of pain that's inside of the hip, in the buttocks, and on the outside of the hip.

Most of the time, we have the answers for hip pain. As with most things that are non-complicated musculoskeletal in nature, the best approach is a broad management protocol. Meaning, several approaches for one problem. For us here at Creek Stone Integrated Medical & Spa, the approach, of course, depends on the specific hip issue. But, in general, treatment can include any or all of the following:

  • Manual therapy addressing the area(s) of tedinitis, bursitis, or muscle issue
  • Trigger point injections to address pain points
  • Low-Level Laser to decrease inflammation and speed recovery
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections addressing arthritis and inflammation within the joint
  • Exercise recommendations and coaching to ease discomfort and speed healing
  • Manipulation to encourage movement and healing in the joint

You'll notice that 'cortisone injections' does not appear on the list. This is because cortisone can be bad for the joints. It can deteriorate the cartilage and the bone making up the joint and, if they happen to work, they do not typically last. They are short-lived and don't solve any issues. PRP is the superior choice for joint injections as there is little to no bad reactions, PRP does not tear up the joint, and PRP matches or beats cortisone in the research.

Conclusions from Research

Here are some of the conclusions from research. Check these out because they're excellent guides for what should happen with hip pain!

  • "Results indicated that intra-articular PRP injections offer a significant clinical improvement in patients with hip osteoarthritis without relevant side effects. The benefit was significantly more stable up to 12 months as compared with the other tested treatments." - Dallari et. al
  • "Among patients with chronic gluteal tendinopathy and a length of symptoms more than 15 months, a single PRP injection results in greater improvement in pain and function than a single cortisone steroid injection. The improvement after PRP injection is sustained at 2 years, whereas the improvement from a ortisone steroid injection is maximal at 6 weeks and not maintained beyond 24 weeks" - Fitzpatrick et. al.
  • "Patients with chronic gluteal tendinopathy more than 4 months, diagnosed with both clinical and radiological examinations, achieved greater clinical improvement at 12 weeks when treated with a single PRP injection than those treated with a single corticosteroid injection." - Fitzpatrick et. al.
  • "In this randomized study, PRP resulted in lower postoperative pain scores at 48 hours and fewer joint effusions at 6 months. These findings suggest that PRP may have a benefit regarding postoperative inflammation" - Rafols et. al.

That's just outstanding, folks. It's clear that PRP is the way to go for the more serious hip issues.

The most important thing to tell you here is that most hip issues do not require any surgical attention. We have had an impressive amount of success with our approach to hip pain. For example, many times, it is as simple as coaching the patient through hip abductor exercises to address a muscle imbalance. One of the more common issues we see is called gluteal tendinopathy. For these patients, manual therapy, adjustments, low-level laser, and trigger point therapy makes a significant amount of improvement helping patients sleep better and get through their day like champs.


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